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Gauge Level

Our products are made to be DIY user-friendly, but some items will require a little more experience than others. We want to give you information as to what each gauge level means and help plan the installation.

Gauge Level: 1

Very easy to install. Just about anyone should be able to do this. No prior experience needed.

Gauge Level: 2

This should be an easy installation, but will have a few areas where some attention may be required. Little experience needed.

Gauge Level: 3

This install will need some more time and patience during the installation. Extra attention is required for aligning the film. Heating and stretching may be needed to get the film to lay down smoothly. Some experience needed.

Gauge Level: 4

You will definitely need extra time and patience to install this product. It may consist of contours and curves that will require heating and stretching. It may be helpful to have a friend help with the install. Prior experience needed.

Gauge Level: 5

Prepare to spend anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to properly install. Patience is key. Most advanced install will require a heat gun or hair dryer to work out any wrinkles and creases. Universal vinyl sheets may be needed if the Pre-Cut overlay is too difficult to install. Advance experience needed.

If you need any assistance with the installation of your product, please email us at: